Thankful Tuesday: Peace

I am thankful for peace. Peace of mind, body, and soul.

What are you thankful for?


Thankful Tuesday: Stillness

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to lay on the beach and simply be in the moment. At that moment, so much vision was revealed and captured.

Don’t forget to slow down or you might find yourself busy running around in circles; not getting anything accomplished!

Thankful for the stillness to receive the vision.


The vision is as bright as the sun beaming down on the water: 20180303_151528.jpg

Peace, be still.


Testimony Tuesday: Nightmares

For most of my life, I’ve consistently had nightmares.

During my adolescent years, there were many times when I called my mentor (at the time) and she would stay up with me and talk me through them.

When I became an adult, the nightmares became what felt like the ultimate distraction of my life. They were so frequent that some days I spent majority of my day thinking about them and how to prevent them – living in fear!

Then the shift happened.

I am a child of God who shall I fear? Did my Father profess that He will never forsake me? Did I profess with my mouth that I am a believer?

My answer was yes to each question.

Now when I awake out of my sleep from the sporadic nightmares, they are challenged with a solid warrior prayer!

And I am left feeling empowered all day instead of defeated all day.