Monday Notes: Relationships, Love, and Such

K E Garland

Moreoften than not, I have a little bit to say about a lot of things. I thought I’d share a few in the month we’ve reserved for love.

If we treated our girlfriends half as well as we do men, then women relationships might improve. Three years ago, I visited a friend in Sarasota. After the four-hour drive, I did as I sometimes do, stopped by her home first to pick her up for lunch. When I got there, she’d just finished her workout.

“Are you about to take a shower?” I asked, giving her athletic gear a once over.

“No! All I did was walk,” she said.

“If I was a man, you’d take a shower,” I replied.

She agreed but didn’t shower, and the above thought was born.

Why do we (sometimes) get all dolled up for the opposite sex but show up any type of way…

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Home: A Tribute

Home is peace for me. Home feels free to me. Like a bird’s cage left open free to come and go as one pleases. Home is love for me. People who choose to do life gathered together. Embracing the person in front of them - rooting them on to do what’s best for them and … Continue reading Home: A Tribute