Permission Monday

Today I come to you reminding you that you matter. Reminding you to give yourself permission to take care of you. I'm not sure when or why the development of shifting ourselves to the back burner came to be; however, I am here to denouce that phenomenon. More weekends than not I work at a … Continue reading Permission Monday

Transparent Tuesday: Dating

Dating in the 21st century feels like a joke to me. As I recount and share the proceeding information, please make note this is not a worldwide generalization; however, it is a generalization of my collection of experiences I have had in the dating world. Dating in the 21st century feels like a joke. People … Continue reading Transparent Tuesday: Dating

Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process

Me: Hey Dad. What time are you all getting on the road tomorrow? Him: Oh, about 5 am or so Me Internally: Losing it! 5 am?! What in the world and why? Me Verbally: Oh, okay. That’s all I wanted. See you all in the morning. Him: Okay, darling see you in the morning. Me … Continue reading Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process