Thinking Tuesday: Self-Care

Today's message is a self-instruction: Take care of yourself. This instruction is a direct reminder for me to adhere to my needs whether in the workforce, spiritual realm, and/or personal world. It is my responsibility to care of me and it's your responsibility to care of you. What needs do you need met today? What … Continue reading Thinking Tuesday: Self-Care

Motivational Monday: Goals

Don't be afraid to take the risk. Don't be afraid to manifest. Playing it safe won't ever give you the satisfaction that stretching yourself will give you. Today. Make the goal(s). Set the path(s) to reach the goal(s). Make it plain, simple, and realistic. Step One: Write the goal Step Two: Simplify the goal Meditation … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Goals

Story About The Case of Missing P.

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Teacup Talk

Hello everyone,

Recently I was involved in a very emotional project, after a series of crazy events in life. But today it’s not about me — even though I must quickly admit how much I missed all you lovely folks after being away for little while.

A while back, I heard a story, actually, about a nice and a very sweet girl. She was only in high school but was already taking college courses and preparing to go out to this big world with big dreams.

Everything was going according to the plan.

Until a dark twisted of fate appeared out of nowhere…

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