Father’s Day 2020: The Process

If you've followed me for a while, you probably have read about some of the dysfunctions of my relationship with my father. You've also probably read that I'm on my healing journey; tending to all the wounds created from our relationship. Being present can be tough, really tough! Determining what's best for me and how … Continue reading Father’s Day 2020: The Process


Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process

Me: Hey Dad. What time are you all getting on the road tomorrow? Him: Oh, about 5 am or so Me Internally: Losing it! 5 am?! What in the world and why? Me Verbally: Oh, okay. That’s all I wanted. See you all in the morning. Him: Okay, darling see you in the morning. Me … Continue reading Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process

Monday Notes: The Black People in Front of You đź‘˝

K E Garland

kg_FSUI began a tenure-track position at a Research I university August 2013, a month after Trayvon Martin’s murderer was acquitted. Our academic year began in one of the university’s ballrooms with announcements of new faculty, food, and light banter. I was the only black face at our round table. I’d grown used to being the only, but this felt different. I remember chit-chatting about inconsequential topics so minor that I cannot recall the slightest detail.

I remember wondering if I should ask any of these white faces what they thought about Martin’s death or his killer’s acquittal. After all, we were scholars. I remember wondering if this incident mattered to them at all, not in a Black Lives Matter way, but in a we live in the state of Florida and this just happened in Florida type of way.

Instead, I remained silent, returned to my office, and prepared…

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