Motivational Monday: Truth or Dare? Dare!

Dare to believe that you're capable and that you will in whatever capacity. Push past the odds. You can. You will. What are you believing and daring for yourself? I'm daring and believing that every hope, dream, and wish will come to past Fear will not prevent me from conquering my vision(s). Let's go! Happy … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Truth or Dare? Dare!


The Greatest Thing About My Father-in-Law…

Gentleness matters.

K E Garland

…is the way he communicates.

A few months before I married Dwight, my father-in-law, Dwight Garland Sr. and I were sitting at his kitchen table. He was about to cut a bell pepper.

“Do you know how to cut one of these?” he asked.

Still new to this family and environment, I shook my head no.

“Well, let me show you.”

He carefully held the green pepper in his hand and showed me the top.

“See what you do is cut right around the top here. All the way around.”

He took the knife and cut a circle away from but around the stem. I looked on as if it were a major operation.

img_7542“Now, you pull this,” he said as he removed the stem from the bulbous part of the pepper. “See,” he turned the insides so I could see them. “All the seeds are right here.”

You would’ve…

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Motivational Monday: Do Your Part – This is America!

The Soundtrack to today's post (on repeat) Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye This is America by Childish Gambino Stay Woke by Meek Mill, Miguel Glory by Common, John Legend Ella's Song Honey in the Rock Something Inside of Me So Strong A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke and more (because let's be … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Do Your Part – This is America!