Fear What is It?

Is it the tap on the shoulder that whispers you can’t do this? Is it the chill you feel when you take the first step? Is it the self-doubt thoughts that creep into your mind and seem to last forever? Fear what is it? Is it the dark mask that you keep close nearby just … Continue reading Fear What is It?

Just Seeking to be Me

I’m just chasing my destiny. sometimes I feel like i’m out here on a plane - coasting from one place to the next. i just want to embrace me. learn all i can and keep it moving. grabbing individuals along the way helping them to be their best selves. no need for apologies. no need … Continue reading Just Seeking to be Me

You Matter

Choose you today, tomorrow, and every day following. If you don't, who will? What does it mean to choose yourself? It means giving yourself permission to know you matter as much as the next person. In whatever capacity you deny yourself or think less of yourself in comparison to others, you matter.