Permission Monday

Today I come to you reminding you that you matter. Reminding you to give yourself permission to take care of you. I’m not sure when or why the development of shifting ourselves to the back burner came to be; however, I am here to denouce that phenomenon.

More weekends than not I work at a local rehab hospital admitting patients to our case management department. It is truly a heart fulfilling job that I enjoy; even on days when I don’t feel like “working,” because it often doesn’t feel like work. This past weekend, I had a very interesting conversation with a patient. When I walked into her room Saturday morning at 7:45 am, I could feel the tenderness of her spirit, the warmth of heart, and the gentle withdraw of my energy.

We didn’t even make it to question number 3 before we were engaging in heartfelt discussion. Needless to say, she was carrying a very heavy burden! As tears trickled down her face she struggled but managed to apologize for crying. My response, please don’t apologize! Please do accept my offer of permission to release, to share, and to get what you need in this moment. She nodded and allowed the tears to flow like a river. I sat with her in that space. When the tears discontinued flowing, she looked at me and smiled. Then stated, “I guess I’d been waiting to let all that out.” I nodded. I shared with her givers recognize givers. She smiled. I continued, something I’ve been reminding myself of lately is that I have self permission to take care of me. I shared with her that I am in a space of doing the “work” to be a better receiver. Side note: Y’all, it’s work! That’s where I feel all the meaning of the word work!

I informed her the employees at our rehab really care and want what’s best for our patients and likely she couldn’t be in a better place to receive all that she needed – starting with permission. She smiled and told me she felt at ease when she came through our doors. So, I asked her to receive permission to heal, to reflect, to be, and to rest. Permission to receive. Permission to be. Permission to care for herself. Permission to not think about her responsibilities of being a business owner. Permission to not think about her responsibiities of being a caregiver. Permission to grieve a recent loss. Permission to be kind to herself. Permission to be gentle to herself. Permission to take her time to speak (due to the impairments of the stroke). Permission to receive. Permission to be at peace. Permission to simply be.

Today, I want to encourage you to start giving yourself the permission you need. Permission to embrace your imperfections. Permission to hug yourself. Permission to take a break. Permission to do well without the pressures of being an overachiever or perfectionist. Permission to love. Permission to be love. Permission to give. Permission to receive. Permission to inhale. Permission to exhale. Permission to journal. Permission to go to bed early. Permission to do what you can do today. Permission to let tomorrow take care of itself. Permission to shed tears. Permission to say life is a lot right now. Permission to face your fears. Permission to do the inevitable. Permission to start your business. Permission to believe in yourself. Take today to start praciting giving yourself a healthy dose of permission daily.

Until next time,

Signing off with love, peace, joy, and patience.


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