Standing on the Shoulder of a Giant

With tears in my soul, I say thank you!

Thank you Godma for being as courageous as you are and as encouraging as I need you to be.

For many years, I’ve been afraid to find my voice, use my voice, and even see my voice.

I hope that one day I can pour into others as you have poured into me! I hope every seed that you have planted finds its way to a harvest.

Get up. Live to fight another day. That’s the message the old folks used to say. Because of you I know what it means to live that.

Thank you for teaching me by your actions, by your words, by your heart, and by your support to press on. To do what’s right for me.

Today as I sat on a virtual call very uncomfortable and struggling to find the diplomatic words to carry out my raw emotions I was reminded of your voice. The voice that would’ve said so what you’re trembling – Speak.

For the following hour, I couldn’t stop shaking and even writing this I’m still uncontrollably shaking; nonetheless, you’ve taught me to try and do and when it doesn’t work to try something else.

Sometimes I pressure myself into feeling I have big shoes to fill and you’re always there to remind me the only shoes I need to fill are my own! So as people look to me and say wow I’ll forever say thank God for Godma who chose to pour into me!

This post is a public declaration to say thank you for making a way, thank you for showing me how to make my own way, and thank you for your support!


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