My Wish for You

There’s so much I could say about 2020; however, I am choosing to focus on what matters to me most well wishes to you and the gratitude I’ve been embracing since Thanksgiving.

So to all my followers and to those reading this cheers to you for making it through 2020.

I am raising a glass of champagne or sparkling juice if you’re not a drinker and toasting to a life.

May we raise a glass and solidify a wish for internal peace, intentional living, and an abundance of grace.

May your year be filled with love, with courage, and with support.

My hope for you is to dream big! Embrace your destiny all you need is already inside of you but you must set yourself up for it to be released and allow space for the harvest to manifest!

If 2020 didn’t teach us all that life really is unpredictably short, then I’m not sure what will.

So when you set your intentions tonight, tomorrow, and in the coming weeks remember to shoot for the stars. No more treading the water, dive in and take breaststroke after breaststroke. Your time is here. Your time is now.

As the year concludes and I reflect, I am reminded of one word – Gratitude! That’s what I’m ensuring I am not leaving behind! I invite you to join me. Grab hold of your silver lining and press forward.

Wishing you all a safe and meaningful New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day!



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