Transparent Tuesday: Fitness Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have felt inadequate in the fitness, sports, athleticism, etc. world. In elementary, I could never swing the bat at the right time or kick the ball soft enough so that it didn't fly into the air and get caught. In middle school, I couldn't run long enough … Continue reading Transparent Tuesday: Fitness Journey

Motivational Monday

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. ~Bob Marley Choose to feel the rain today; don't just get wet. Today is filled with all kinds of gifts and surprises. Choose to embrace each one as it greets you. Even if a storm comes your way; weather the storm. Initially, when I read Bob … Continue reading Motivational Monday

Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process

Me: Hey Dad. What time are you all getting on the road tomorrow? Him: Oh, about 5 am or so Me Internally: Losing it! 5 am?! What in the world and why? Me Verbally: Oh, okay. That’s all I wanted. See you all in the morning. Him: Okay, darling see you in the morning. Me … Continue reading Father’s Day 2020: Trust the Process

Monday Notes: The Black People in Front of You đź‘˝

K E Garland

kg_FSUI began a tenure-track position at a Research I university August 2013, a month after Trayvon Martin’s murderer was acquitted. Our academic year began in one of the university’s ballrooms with announcements of new faculty, food, and light banter. I was the only black face at our round table. I’d grown used to being the only, but this felt different. I remember chit-chatting about inconsequential topics so minor that I cannot recall the slightest detail.

I remember wondering if I should ask any of these white faces what they thought about Martin’s death or his killer’s acquittal. After all, we were scholars. I remember wondering if this incident mattered to them at all, not in a Black Lives Matter way, but in a we live in the state of Florida and this just happened in Florida type of way.

Instead, I remained silent, returned to my office, and prepared…

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Your Mind Matters: Storytelling

There is liberation in storytelling. There is liberation in forgiveness. There is liberation in honoring your truth. There is liberation in receiving compassion. There is validation in knowing you're not alone. Have you ever felt misunderstood because of "daddy issues?" Have you been hurt by your father and battled with how to grow beyond your … Continue reading Your Mind Matters: Storytelling

Psychological War: What’s the Message?

Domestic Violence is deemed as a strategy to gain Power and Control. Most people can easily identify and understand that concept. However as another UNARMED black man murdered in America at the hands of Law Enforcement, I wonder if anyone sees the underlying element of abuse. Abusive Power and Control is defined as the form … Continue reading Psychological War: What’s the Message?