Your Mind Matters: Storytelling

There is liberation in storytelling. There is liberation in forgiveness. There is liberation in honoring your truth. There is liberation in receiving compassion. There is validation in knowing you're not alone. Have you ever felt misunderstood because of "daddy issues?" Have you been hurt by your father and battled with how to grow beyond your … Continue reading Your Mind Matters: Storytelling


Psychological War: What’s the Message?

Domestic Violence is deemed as a strategy to gain Power and Control. Most people can easily identify and understand that concept. However as another UNARMED black man murdered in America at the hands of Law Enforcement, I wonder if anyone sees the underlying element of abuse. Abusive Power and Control is defined as the form … Continue reading Psychological War: What’s the Message?

Your Mind Matters: Mental Health Awareness

Hey!! I am so excited about the blogs that will be released this month! Did you know May is National Mental Health Awareness Month? It's one of my favorite topics to discuss. There are so many stigmas around mental health and honestly it's quite perplexing when you think about it. Just consider this phenomenon, our … Continue reading Your Mind Matters: Mental Health Awareness