Home: A Tribute

Home is peace for me. Home feels free to me. Like a bird’s cage left open free to come and go as one pleases.

Home is love for me. People who choose to do life gathered together. Embracing the person in front of them – rooting them on to do what’s best for them and what feels right for them.

Home is laughter for me. Lighthearted jokes and comical sitcoms during lunch breaks. High-fives and inside jokes.

Home is growth for me. Forever nurturing. Forever observing. Forever bonding.

Home is fun for me. Basketball dribbling. Children laughing. Children smiling. Children running in response to a familiar car horn’s beep – anticipating the experience of the collaboration awaiting ahead.

Home is reminiscent for me. Flashbacks to what was. Captured by photography, pictures and memories almost faded. R.I.P. Mama Dessa, Nephew Larry & Great-Aunt Berta.

Home is motivating for me. Conversations held among trustees. Mirroring of one another yet still having different visions and suggestions. Staring deep into the future and daring to nurture the seeds within.

Home is prayer for me. Covering hopes, dreams, and dismissing doubts. Looking to the God above and inviting the spirit into every situation. Leaning in closer and allowing footsteps to be guided no longer resisting; declaring no more running.

Home is encouraging for me. Lunch meetups where frustrations are heard and uplifting words are shared.

Home is inclusive for me. Good news shared and celebrated perfectly. Cheers to new beginnings and doors opening.

Home is inviting for me. Photoshoot meetup. Personality captured through a lens. Observation of tattoos being embedded into the skin locking in mother-daughter symbolism.

Home is feelings of peace, security, relaxation, and rejuvenation for me.

Home is reinforcement of purpose for me and a reminder mastery takes practice.

Home is beautiful to me. A collaboration of beautiful souls connected in one way or another.

As the first full work week of 2021 makes its mark today, I am thankful for the rejuvenation I enter it with. Home did that for me this past holiday season.

Home, I thank you! 💜


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