Don’t Overdraft!

Choose to pause and think about this quote. There are various takeaways; however, today, I’d like to focus on the aspect of being kind to yourself. As in maybe we are the person, who is making too many withdrawls from ourself! When we habitually allow ourselves to pour out more than what’s being poured into us we are being unkind to ourselves. We must remember that such as a car fuel tank on E we ourselves can not move forward on empty. How do you refuel yourself? What does your life, body, mind, and soul look like on half of tank? How do you know when you only have 1/8 left and what will it take to at least get back to 1/2? This is a process I am constantly refining.

When I’m on empty, my voice is raspy for majority of the day. Great that I now know that; however, I am more interested in learning how to help myself not reach that point or very rarely reach that point. On two separate occasions while visiting my Godparents, my attention was redirected to rest. I’ve been pondering on what rest looks like for me and if I know how to embrace it. I’m not sure, yet; which, probably means I still have a lot of work to do to play fairly with my playmate rest.

Have you mastered when to close the account to people, to tasks, to opportunities, to invites, to chapters, to demands, to jobs, or to relationships? I’d love to hear all about it.

Take today, Monday, and reset, recharge, and remind yourself that we are on this planet for a purpose and that purpose is not to be drained! Besides, who can live purposefully being drained?

Until next time,

Peace. Love. Purpose. Hope. Prosperity.


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