Transparent Tuesday: Purge that ish!

Happy Transparent Tuesday! While we are on the topic, allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Kotrish; known personally by most as Kotrish. Those from my past refer to me as Trish. Those getting to know me reference me as Koko; a name affectionately given to me by personal trainer. I am a lover of people. Friendly is likely an understatement. I enjoy the calmness brought to me by the ebb and flow of rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, streams, and any other body of water. Although, I am new to workout world, just a bit over 3 years to be exact – I must say it is a new found love. Cardio is my least favorite; nonetheless, I embrace the love-hate relationship I and my body has with it.

Family is important to me; however, reliability overrules what most people consider “family.” Allow me to simply state it – I believe family is what you make it – simply put. The longer version; I’ll save for another day. Now, where was I? Oh yes, introducing myself – sometimes I ramble and sometimes I forget mid sentence the point I was making – that’s new for me. That too will later be expounded on.

Hmm. . .other things to know are I love laughing and truly enjoy making others laugh. I also like to point out people’s strengths rather than flaws; empowering them as they continue to work on their areas of opportunity.

Lastly, for now that is, I am walking in a new direction and it feels great. I used to wait for others to define me. I used to believe I was unable to define myself. Unable to offer any gifts or talents. Unable to contribute intellectually. Unable to relate. Unable to build relationships. Most importantly I thought I was unable to thrive on my own with just Kotrish. Crazy, right?

The morning I woke up and realized how dope I am is the morning I scared the shit out of myself. Seriously, all these gifts and talents, abilities, visions, and thoughts and I’d discounted each and every one. Sigh!

Sooooooo. Hello. I am Kotrish. An individual who finally looked in the mirror and saw the reflection staring back. When this blog was initially created it was done so out of love of a dear friend who believed in my writing skills and another beautiful being who verbally co-signed. However, in this moment it’s being revamped by me – the author of these words. So again stick around because this time – I have a different motivation to let you all hear what I have to say.

Things flow differently when you catch the revelation – well at least for me things do.

With that being said, I am purging all the negative thoughts, all the disbelief, and all the toxic ish clogging up my space!

That being said, I’d planned to purge my Google Gallery New Year’s Eve. It didn’t happen. Partially because I am still learning balance. I always think I can do a million things in a limited amount of time. Then time runs out and I wonder how the heck did that happen. Or, I overextend myself and push pass a point of needed rest because I don’t like to leave things incomplete or miss deadlines. Then, I’m drained and looking for a quick fix. However, I’m literally in the process of trimming down my to do list. People are shocked by my “no’s.” Sometimes I’m shocked too. #itsaprocess

The other reason why I haven’t finished purging my Google Gallery is because it dates back to 2009 and is filled with several pictures that should have been purged well before now. This fact made me pause and think.

What’s the message(s) here? Covert messages? Overt messages? Clearly, I was still holding on too way too much. Too many past memories, moments and times that are long gone and to never return! I realized I’d somewhere somehow decided that it was a great idea to revisit the pictures and relive those moments through the captured pictures.

In this digital world, it’s much easier to permanently delete a picture versus the polaroid days where you had to throw the picture in the trash. So, why hadn’t I hit the delete button over the course of all these years versus allowing the pictures to build and clutter my space?

Deleting was too permanent. Too close to death. Final!

It took me sometime to realize, admit, and accept, I wasn’t ready to let go pieces of my past. On one hand, it was because I wanted to go back and rewrite history and in other aspects I judged myself; holding my past choices over my head as if it was a death sentence. The irony.

Can you imagine if I was holding all those memories in my phone’s memory log and it was limiting my space to capture new memories; how much more my body and world was being affected?

If you can’t, I can and welp that’s enough to say later gator to the clutter and what’s up to the purge!

I’m on a personal purge hunt with my camouflage on. Yep, I said, with my camouflage on. The ish gotta go!

What’s in your world, your space, your home, your office, your mind, your soul, or body that needs to be purge?


Catch the vision. 20/20 is perfect vision. Look in your life and see what needs to be purge. Then purge that ish!

Signing out

Transparent Koko


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