Transparent Tuesday: Decade Reflection

The new year countdown is here. In just 16 hours, we will welcome a new decade. Hello 2020. I must say I am excited to intentionally embrace the upcoming new year & new decade. The past decade consisted mainly of my 20s. They were wild. They were crazy. They were confusing. They were fun. They were beautiful.

My 20s taught me who I could be, who I wanted to be, what I liked, what I disliked, what I thought I wanted vs what I thought I needed. My 20s taught me to pause and listen. To listen to the words I said to myself. To listen to the thoughts I exchanged in the mirror as I stood face to face – eye to eye – with myself.

My 20s taught me one of the most important lessons in life – they taught me to learn, love, and appreciate myself. Learning, knowing and accepting myself has afforded me the opportunity to understand how I am to flow and operate in this world. I don’t have to wait for someone else to validate or teach me who I am or who I should be. I don’t have to bother myself with worries or concerns of being who the world wants me to be versus who I need myself to be.

I am enough. You are enough! Embrace it. Take a picture of it. Write it on your mirror!

My 20s taught me confidence through the rugged muddles of low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-confidence, and lack of self-awareness all while taking steps that I thought would lead to success. You know that “I’ve arrived” destination that many of us seek to chase and reach. Boss, I’s tied! Tied from stepping, running, and chasing the “I’ve arrived destination.” My 20s taught me to get my ass off that train, that plane, that boat, that helicopter, that ship and reconfigure what the hell it even means to be successful. But that’s a conversation for a different blog.

I digress.

My 20s taught me I am adventurous. They taught me what it feels like to be in my happy place – traveling the world – bungee jumping 850 feet – jumping 9 feet into a waterfall – zip lining tree to tree at a local zoo – playing arcade games – laughing endlessly – participating in game nights – watching Christmas movies with my family – spending quality time with friends – sipping fruity cocktails – eating good food and falling in love with that special someone!

My 20s showed me my heart – the glow of it, the depth of it, and the darkness of it. My 20s showed me just how much of a hopeless romantic I can be – from enjoying being welcomed home to rose petals leading to a bathtub filled with more rose petals to watching the notebook repeatedly to love poems and using google translate just to say I love you in more language than one.

My 20s taught me how selfish I could be, how immature and impatient I could be, how inconsiderate I could be, how ruthless I could be and how remorseful I could be. My 20s taught me what it means to grow-up.

My 20s taught me how to trust the God I serve, how to connect with my purpose, how to serve the people of my community, and how to connect with those who I meet along my path. My 20s taught me what it means to be in Spiritual Warfare and the power of praying. My 20s taught me what it means to have a spiritual relationship versus a religious routine. My 20s taught me how to feel, see, hear, and connect to the spiritual realm.

My 20s taught me that life is short and not one single person on this Earth is exempt from experiencing “adversity.” We all have a journey to travel. We all have a story to live out. We all will experience troubling times, hardships, challenges or any other name that we’d like to call adverse experiences. However, what’s important is to not get stuck and to not let those moments over power us. There will be great days and there will be some not so great days; all in all life is truly an abstract piece of art.

I also learned in my 20s life is too short. Too short to live a life of arguing. Too short to live a life in and of fear. Too short not to face fears. Too short to live a lie or double-life. Too short to judge others. Too short not to speak your truth. Too short to be dependent on people. Too short not to learn more and do better. Too short not to be kind to yourself. Too short to hold grudges. Too short not to learn the power of forgiveness. Too short not to take responsibility. Too short not to offer a genuine apology. Too short not to live to have a fulfilling life.

In my 20s, I learned family is unapologetically what I make it. So I can and do choose to surround myself with those who I love, mutually care about, and most importantly those who I can be my – forever evolving – self around and vice versa.

As this decade closes and a new one begins, I take with me all the lessons I’ve learned, all the love I’ve gathered, all the growth, all the beauty, and all the confidence I’ll need as I face every fear and boldly say yes to using every ounce of potential and talent inside of me.

I leave behind the useless busyness of the spinning hamster wheel I’ve gotten stuck on. That chapter has come to an end and a new chapter has begun. I don’t have a new year’s resolution. I have a new life mantra: live out my visions one vision at a time. Time’s up for child’s play and fear of embarrassment of failing. Failing equates that method didn’t and doesn’t work – not that I am a failure and neither are you!

So let’s slay together not just for a week or two. Not for six weeks into 2020 or 90 days into 2020. Let’s intentionally slay for the remaining days of our lives – one hour – one day – one week – one month – one year – at a time.

Happy New Year’s Eve.

Stick around. This upcoming year, more blogs will be written and with consistency.

Peace. Blessings. Love. Intentionality. Growth & Harmony.

What are your decade reflections? What are you expecting for the new year/new decade? I’d love to hear about it.

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