Wellness Wednesday

Me: Good morning. How are you?

Person: I’m okay. How are you?

Me: I’m well. Thanks for asking. Why, just okay?

The conversation continues on. Sometimes remaining on topic. Other times switching topics.

Buttttt….What does it mean to be well? By definition, it means to be in good health and/or in a good/satisfactory way.

I don’t know that each time I reply with I’m well that actually I am well; holistically that is . . . but I want to be.

I want to be well on any given day. In my right mind – at peace.

I want my body to be well. Not overworked from working out but in a satisfactory way.

I want my physical health to be well. Not deprived from the inconsistencies of intake of the Synthroid I am required to take.

I want my eyes to be well. Not strained from staring at a computer screen, cell phone screen, television screen, or burning from me being up burning the midnight oil.

I want my spirit to be well; not lacking attention or cleansing. Not dry and needing its thirst quenched by a word, prayer, or song.

I want to be well. I want my brain to be functional and not sent into overdrive from worrying about completing task after task never having a moment to recharge; going into overdrive and overheating like a car without routine maintenance.

I want to be well.

I want to be well so that I feel refresh. I want to be well so I can give my best. I want to be well because I want to know, feel, and live what it feels like before shoving the ideology onto others. I want to be well because I always want to live what I preach.

I want to be well because I believe in being well.

I want to be well because balance is a thing.

I want to be well so that others know it’s possible to be well and that they are worth being well too.

I want to be well and I want my community to be well too.

So, will you join on intentionally practicing and living a life of wellness?

I’m starting with setting aside intentional time to meditate, to read, to rest, to schedule and attend physician appointments, to take my medication, to get off the couch, to lay in the grass and stare at the clouds, to go for walks, to listen to my body, to be kind to myself – To Be Well.

Tell me the steps you are already taking or will begin to take to be well.


2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. I’m not well or okay… and haven’t been since I lost my husband last year. Also haven’t found any tips, therapies, tasks, or work-arounds to help myself. For now, I just take it as it comes. 😊

    Good post, and good luck to you! 👍


  2. Hi Felicia,

    Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. Also, thanks for being transparent and being vulnerable. I do believe part of healing is being present to “take [things] as they come.” So, I think you are much further along than you believe.

    I’ve seen your written work and wonder if you’ve attempted freestyle writing or practicing mindfulness. I also wonder if you’ve had time to consider what you’d like for your new “well” or “okay” to look like.

    I wish you all the capability to be kind to yourself.

    May peace be with you.


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