Daddy: Motivation for Creating a Book

Dysfunctional relationships are tough in general but father-daughter dysfunctional relationships have the ability to create a hole right in the center of your heart.

Kathy takes the time to create a healthy space for daughters to use their voices and tell their story. I can personally say writing a component of my story opened my eyes to an unforeseen reality: I was holding trauma from my childhood in my body. It felt great letting it go.

For every daughter who feels alone and less than due to a failed father-daughter relationship, you are not alone. More importantly, there is an alternative lifestyle available through healing and empowerment. It is my hope that this book will give others the permission they need to grow beyond the wall of dysfunctions.

K E Garland

Summer of 1993 is when I became fully aware of my father’s abandonment. I remember the exact year because that’s when I started dating Dwight. That summer, he, my then best friend, Bobby, and I drove to Chicago for the weekend. I’d told my father that I would be home and that I was bringing these two important people with me. I wanted him to meet them.

That Saturday, I called and called, but he was nowhere to be found. I curled up in a ball in my great aunt’s back room and cried. I was twenty years old. Not only was I disappointed, but I was also embarrassed. I’d met Bobby’s parents a few months prior. Her father, though quiet, was in her life and supportive financially and emotionally. Likewise, I’d met Dwight’s parents, his father also seemed like a “normal” dad, making corny jokes and talking about his…

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